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I heart these two.  If I just think of them, my face breaks out in to a huge smile.  In fact, while editing L+B’s images, my cheeks began to hurt because I was smiling back at them so much!  This is because Lori and Brandon are the nicest people.  Their smiles are huge, their laughter is infectious, and they exude warmth, happiness, acceptance, and love.  It is clear that they are best friends and partners for life, and that connection is palpable.  Fate brought them together early in life, and now they can enjoy their journey together for decades and future generations.  Congratulations, Lori + Brandon!!


Venue:  1757 Golf Club, Katie Frey

Officiant:  Wedding Ceremonies by Jeff, Jeff Maszal

Florist:  Twinbrook Floral Design

Hair + Makeup:  Bridal Artistry

DJ + Lighting:  Titus Touch Music, DJ Jesse

Cake:  Sweets by E

Gown Boutique:  Elegance by Roya






I adore these two so much that I just want to squeeze the crap out of them.  Erin and Patrick are so authentic, funny, and sincere, and their dynamic is out-of-this world adorable.  Erin has a very dry sense of humor, she’s a little cynical, and she is not particularly romantic or emotional.  Well, that is, except when she is around Patrick.  She loves that man and he clearly brings out her joyful side.  She is not big in to affection or cuddles, but then she looks at Patrick, he makes her smile, and she turns all mushy.  I think it is adorable that she is that way with him.  It’s as if she can’t help herself.  Love is the BEST!

Patrick is more sentimental and emotional than Erin.  He practically combusts with enthusiasm and happiness, and he clearly wants to soak up everything that life has to offer.  He is all humor, smiles, hugs, and appreciation.  With Erin, Patrick is complete mush.  He cried when he opened Erin’s gift on their wedding day, and he choked up as she walked down the aisle.  What I love about these two is that they have a dynamic that, on paper, seems like it wouldn’t work, but in real life, is such a beautiful thing.  They have this balance and appreciation for one another that is a stunning example of WHAT LOVE LOOKS LIKE.  Love looks like these two together.  Congratulations, Erin + Patrick!!!






Planner & Creative Director:  Designed Perfectly Events, Natalie Seng

Church:  St. John Neumann Catholic Church

Venue:  Chantilly National Golf & Country Club

Hair:  Special Hair Style

Florist:  Galleria Florist

Band:  Midnight Sun

Baker:  Mom’s Apple Pie

Lighting + Photobooth:  A2Z Music Factory

Videographer:  To Tony Productions